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Yesterday, I made another Viking dress, albeit with nontraditional fabrics. I used a lightweight cotton. I used the base instructions from here, and made it short-sleeved, since it's been unbearably hot, as of late.

The dress is breezy and comfortable. (No, that's not the belt I'll be wearing with it. It's just the first one I grabbed.)

When I finished, I realized I hadn't needed to use the seam ripper even once. I've levelled up!

I'm currently working on another apron dress. If all goes well, I'll finish it today.
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Today's sewing project was a Greek peplos, which is essentially two giant rectangles sewn together. I needed more summer wear for LARP, so this should do the trick. I based it roughly off these instructions.



I used plain raw cotton, and a cotton tablet-woven belt. The neckline is sewn together using hand-made glazed clay buttons (not made by me, but purchased at a Medieval fair).
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I realized today that I hadn't posted a picture of the most recent dress I made. It is based off the Kragelund gown recovered from Kragelund Bog in Jutland, and dated to late 12th or very early 13th c. CE.

I made mine from linen, and made the belt and trim via tablet weaving. The photos aren't the prettiest, but here's what it looks like:

[Bog dress]

Here's a close-up of the trim I wove:

[Tablet-woven trim]

And here's what I wove yesterday, while experimenting with patterns:

[Blue and cream trim]

It's a little bit wonky in one or two places, but I'm pleased with the pattern, over all. I used light blue, dark blue, and cream-coloured wool on a sample pattern from Card Weaving.
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Two weeks later, and I think I'm finally over this cold. My lungs are still tetchy, but I am thinking of giving them a test drive by going for a run shortly. I've also finally scheduled an appointment with a sports doctor about my ever-problematic foot. I sure hope he can figure out a solution. Last week, it blew up after a dance class and was hurting like whoa and basically feeling like it was filled with a bunch of randomly-placed bones and tendons. When my foot is acting up, I can't dance for shit, not even floorwork.

I attended an ATS class with [ profile] mystress yesterday. It was nice to dust off some old moves I haven't thought about in over a decade. I'd forgotten all about the tribal variations of the camel. I always liked those! It's too bad I won't be able to attend all of the classes, but at least I'll get a refresher. And now I am thinking about breaking out the kasiklar for the first time in ages. I used to play those, sometimes even in performance. I remember once combining them with floorwork, even, which was kinda neat!

I've been doing so much dancing lately, and I love it. I'm intrigued by the differences between contemporary dance and belly dance. Right now, the fashion in contemporary seems to be in keeping the movements clean and unadorned, whereas in belly dance, so much is decorated with flowery arm or hand movements. I want to look into taking regular technique classes, but think I might have to travel to Guelph to do so. I guess I have some research to do!

In case I haven't mentioned it, [ profile] f00dave got hired on at a sweet job, and now I am planning on going back to school for the winter term. I only want to go part-time, but I'm excited. I'd start in the fall term, except that I'm going to the UK for a while in mid-September, so that screws up the term. In the meantime, I'm studying outside of a university environment. I'm taking dance, yoga, and art classes. My first sumi-e class is this Friday, and I'll be starting an advanced yoga class on Thursday. I'm excited! As for university, I'm thinking of fine arts, classics, and/or Latin.

I'm also looking forward to continuing my adventures in textiles and costume design. I currently have no projects on the go, but that's partially by design. My office is in a dreadful state, and I'd like to get some semblance of order before I mess it all back up again. That being said, I think I'll try my hand at making a Viking hat, next.

I'm contemplating putting together an introductory workshop on tablet weaving. I want to experiment a bit more, first, though, so I can figure out how to fix other people's fuck-ups. I could also put together a workshop on how to make Rus-style poofy pants, or how to make a Viking tunic, but I think those might be less interesting to most people.
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In case you're interested, here are a few more links about Viking clothing/jewellery/props.

Making a Drinking Horn: I have a small horn, already. I need to make it watertight. Looks like I'll need to get some beeswax.

Medieval Design: Not just Viking clothes. Lots of medieval European garments here. This is a shop, but has some nice photos which I've found helpful for my own costuming.

Pattern and Instructions for Viking Age Re-enactor’s Trousers: A PDF file explaining the construction of Thorsbjerg style trousers.

Raymond's Quiet Press: I think I've linked to this before, but here it is again. Contains a wide assortment of reproduction Viking jewellery and accoutrements. Also has Saxon, Roman, and other medieval stylings.

Viking Outfit Project: A helpful description of one costumer's men's clothing project.
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I've been doing quite a bit of crafting lately. Not only have I made more Viking clothes (a pair of poofy Rus-style Viking pants, most recently), but I've also continued experimenting with tablet weaving. Here are some photos of my most recent creations: )

And the finished products (so far). I take no responsibility for those horrid white socks. Heheheh....

[Kyle and I in garb]
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I've been proofreading all day, and my brains are melting. So I'm trying to heal myself by getting more costuming inspiration. I have a lot of sewing I want to do to make [ profile] knightky and I Viking wardrobes.

So here are a few pictures of Masha Scream of Arkona looking seriously bitchin':



And here she is with the band.

And then this video, which shows just how damned awesome she is, and stylin' while she's at it.

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Here are a few costuming links that I found useful. You might find them handy, too.

Basic Clothing Guide: Headgear: Helpful illustrations.

Kit: Hats, hoods, caps & wimples: Descriptions, photos, and links.

Basic Clothing Guide: Female Clothing: Description of standard Viking/Dark Ages garb.

Female Headgear: Caps: I used this to make my caps, but increased the dimensions an extra 10 cm because I have a huge noggin.

Short Glossary of Medieval Clothing Terms: Doesn't supply links or pictures, but just definitions.

Fiber and Needle Guild: Tailoring: Links to all sorts of costuming sites.

Garb Patterns: More links. Many are dead, but a few are extant.

Greek Dress: Peplos and chiton.

Naalbinding tutorial: Video is not in English, but I could still follow along.

Historiska världars dräkter: Guess what? Not in English! But has full outfits (head to toe) of a variety of historical garbs. Includes 2 male Viking outfits, and one female. Patterns are included.

Othalacraft: A shop that sells all sorts of lovely Viking clothing. No patterns, but lots of inspiration.

Raymond's Quiet Press Historical Recreations from Jewellery to Helms: What it says! Lots of reproduction metal work. Covers Romans, Vikings, Celts, Romano-British, Normans, and more.


Botswana’s metal fans are perfecting the Thunderdome chic: And now for something completely different.

Making a Miniature Book: Ok, not costuming, but it is prop creation, which is related, in my opinion.
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[A-viking I will go]

Well, mostly complete. I still don't have hose, braies, naalbind socks/mitts/hat, turn shoes, winingas, or a tablet woven-belt. But, I do have THIS: )

Coat Gloat

Apr. 19th, 2011 02:51 pm
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And here is the finished coat. I say it's finished, even as I make the decision to add a bead and loop closure. I was all about the fibula closure, but since this is a synthetic fabric, I don't think it is forgiving enough to be pinned over and over again. I don't want the coat to get all mangled. So now I need to find an appropriate bead or button. Hmm....

The coat is not perfect, but the mistakes are minor and are on the inside of the garment. Mistakes I made on my own dance coat were not repeated on this one. I'd say I've leveled up again. This one was much faster to make. Of course, it's also a simpler design. I'm already tempted to make another. I'm proud of this coat. I think it looks really nice, and I used no pre-made patterns from it, just my own measurements and proportions based off diagrams and photos I found online, and my own hard-earned understanding of how to sew gussets.

I have lots of the trim left over, and a few decent scraps of the green fabric. I may have to make myself a dance costume with it, eventually. Ha!

I still want to make a complete Viking men's costume. Well, maybe not the shoes. I don't enjoy working with heavy leather enough for that. But I do want to weave a belt, and potentially weave winingas, too. I want to learn naalbinding so that I can make stockings and a hat, but that might not happen for a long time. I'm pretty awful at naalbinding. I still want to make a tunic, trousers, foot bags (like socks, but not), a cloak, and a hat. I still have fox fur left. Perhaps I'll trim the hat with it.

And then there's the woman's outfit, which I haven't even begun thinking about, yet. Oy.

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Yes, it's coat time again. I'm on a roll. I would like to finish the Viking coat for [ profile] knightky by tomorrow. I just have some trim to sew on, and then it's done. I want to tablet weave a belt to go with it, but that will have to wait. I have a dress I want to make, next.

In the meantime, here's what I can show. The coat is very obviously not my size, but it fits Kyle just fine.

[Fox fur collar]

The coat that I based this design on was entirely lined with squirrel fur. Since that is not a viable option for me, I lined it with plain old lining fabric, and used fox fur for the collar as a nod to the original lining. Fox, squirrel. Close enough, right? I also made the collar removable with hook and eye closures so the coat can be dry-cleaned.

[Sleeve detail]

Here's the pretty, pretty trim I purchased specifically for this coat. I love it so much! You can also see a peek of the plain brown lining.

I will have more photos when I can put the coat on the person it was made for.

Et Voila

Mar. 27th, 2011 05:41 pm
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This is the best photo I have of the whole ensemble, so far. That's the coat I've been slaving over for the past couple of months, and I made the cowl, too.

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I have been battling my coat all day. I think I am winning, but have been taking heavy casualties. At one point, I threaded a needle, tied a knot in the thread, started sewing, and the thread was not there. Not a sign of it anywhere. Aliens beamed it away, I swear. So I rethreaded the needle, sewed the clasp back on, and then realized I'd sewn the wrong side of the clasp on. Argh!

After a bit of hyperventilation, I cut into the armpits of the coat and made the openings larger, "serged" the edges (zigzag with my regular machine), and then sewed in the gussets. They turned out just fine. I'm glad I have experience with gussets. I'd hate to have had this coat be my first experience with them. They're so tetchy.


I managed to even the sleeves out as much as possible by tacking them up at the top. They hang much better now, but are a bit on the short side, now. This could be remedied by sewing on a matching trim at the cuff, but I don't have anything appropriate. So it will have to wait.

More trim needs to be sewn on, and two more clasps. I also need to resew a couple of the clasps. Getting them to sit straight is proving to be a serious pain in the kiester. But my next task is to complete the lining of the coat, and then to hem it off.

[Crooked clasps]

I may very well finish tomorrow. The end is in sight. And then I can get back to the Viking coat.


Mar. 13th, 2011 08:49 pm
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The coat continues. Here's where I'm at, now.


I've been hand-sewing silk/Merino wool yarn onto the edges as trim. It takes a while, as I'm sure you can guess. I'm attaching clasps. I still need to do the armpit gussets, and then finish the lining along the bottom, and hem the whole thing up. I want to add trim to the sleeves, and I also want to figure out how to get them from hanging funny. [ profile] valkryor is awesome, and showed me how to line sleeves. These sleeves were fine, but for some reason, they're not hanging neatly anymore. So weird. They were fine at her place. I think I'll have to do some tacking up near the top of the sleeve. I just hope I can find a way that looks ok.

Eventually, I want to sew the yarn as stripes all along the body of the coat, but that's a long-term project.

I hope to have this done in the next day or two, because then I want to finish [ profile] knightky's coat. So much sewing. So many coats....
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Last fall, when I was looking for whatever work I could find, I found a position for a party facilitator. Essentially, the worker would be in charge of running clothing swap parties. I thought that sounded pretty spiffy. I like clothing swap parties. But then I was reading more about the job, and found something peculiar. No item of clothing was to be more than a year old.

I don't own much that's a year old or less. I do most of my clothing shopping at vintage, consignment, and thrift shops. I find the stuff is both more economical and more interesting than stuff bought at the local Reitman's or whatever. And so I lost interest in the clothing swap party job. I applied anyway, but never heard back. I can't help but doubt it was a real job, anyhow.

Right now, I'm wearing a pair of leggings that I bought within the last year. Everything else is either of unknown age (blouse and skirt from clothing swap parties, one party being over six years ago), or at least four years old. I'm sure I've had these socks over ten years, now. I don't think I look shabby.

[Old blouse]

Link time? Ok.

Fantasmagorie: I'm a movie star! I co-star in this concept art film created by WhiteFeather. Check it out!

How to Make Oatmeal . . . Wrong: McDonald's: "From a marketing perspective, they can do almost nothing wrong; from a nutritional perspective, they can do almost nothing right, as the oatmeal fiasco demonstrates."

Clothing Sewing Patterns: Free patterns, from the very simple, to a bizarre creation of Alexander McQueen. If I ever finish my current project, I might give McQueen's shirt a go.

Forward Into the Past: A day of history brought to life. I signed up for a bunch of workshops, including on tablet weaving and naalbinding. Yay!

"Zombie" Ants Found With New Mind-Control Fungi: Awesomely creepy fungus. Right out of B-movies.
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I've hit a snag with my coat. I can't get the sleeves to hang right with the lining. They look all bunchy. I believe I chose a project more ambitious than my sewing skills can handle. I don't have any more of the silver fabric for lining. I used up everything but the tiniest scraps.

If worse comes to worse, I can take the sleeves off altogether and have a lovely long vest. But I want those sleeves. Especially since I'm dancing outside in March.

I need a sewing fairy godmother to sweep in and make everything all better. Augh.
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I'm making headway on my coat. I have it mostly lined, and the sleeves are attached. I still need to finish lining it, finish up the edges, add the clasps and trim, and hem the bottom, but it's looking like an actual coat now, and not just a bunch of pretty fabric.


[Coat with one sleeve]

I used the ghawazee coat pattern from Atira's Patterns. The pattern sizing runs small. How small? This coat is a size large, and it fits me just right. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not exactly a big person.

I didn't have enough of the silver to line the whole thing, so I used some navy blue for the top part of the sleeves where it won't show. I'm pleased that it's not looking like crap. Huzzah!

I still have to finish the accessories. I have a knit cowl. Somewhere.... I need to make a belt, arm warmers, and possibly a hat. I will wear my giant gold and black skirt underneath the coat. It's not a perfect match, but it's not bad, and I don't have the time or fabric to make a matching tiered skirt. I have grey suede pants with silver detailing which perfectly matches the coat, so I'll wear them under the skirt and hopefully keep warm. And because I'm wearing black with the skirt, I can wear my black jazz shoes and it should look fine.

All this, and I still haven't decided on the music for dancing, yet. Sheesh.


Feb. 13th, 2011 08:50 pm
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More trim from Celtic, Renaissance and Medieval Trims. This time, for the Viking coat I'm making. Oh boy! [ profile] knightky, you're gonna be so purty!



Feb. 12th, 2011 01:55 pm
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This is the trim I'm getting for my Ghawazee coat. I'm getting it from Celtic, Renaissance and Medieval Trims.


I'm knitting arm warmers and a belt to go with it, too. I have white and gold fabric for a skirt. I have gold pantaloons. Now, what the heck will I wear on my feet? Augh!
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I'm knitting a cowl scarf to go with my coat. I managed to match the colours perfectly. Yarn is Louise Harding's Willow Tweed, a mix of alpaca, Merino wool, and silk. It is very soft and lovely to work with.

[Cowl and coat]

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